Mrs. PIE Wasn’t Laid-Off. Yay!

A sincere thank you to all our readers and commenters both here and on Twitter. I really felt like the blogging community had my back during these last couple of days. What a warm, thoughtful and caring bunch you are.

As you can see from the title of this post, I survived the lay-offs and I’m very happy with that outcome. Mr. PIE and I can continue our march towards early retirement on our own terms. There’s no re-writing of the plans (for now) and all will continue as planned (for now). The conservative PIEs like a good bit of certainty in their lives!

Having said that, given what I learned about the generosity of the severance packages I would have been quite satisfied if I had been laid off. I’m not pretending it wouldn’t have hurt. I would have been licking my wounds and feeling sorry for myself for a while, but in the end we would have been just fine.

The last couple of days at work were truly horrible. Speculation and gossip gave way to the news that 25% of my department would be losing their jobs. These are friends and colleagues I have worked with for a minimum of eight years, many much longer than that. There were tears and grief all around. It’s going to take many months to get back to a sense of normalcy. There will be tough days to come as my colleagues gradually drift away (yes, the severance was generous like that) and my department reclaims its focus.

While I’m still processing this news, the power of financial independence is thrown into sharp focus. This has been a lesson in the very real importance of not having to rely on your next paycheck for your well-being. The majority of my colleagues will be scrambling to find their next job; those who were not laid-off breathed a collective sigh of relief that their job was safe. I found that I viewed the proceedings from something of a unique perspective, I felt removed from the panic and even something of an outsider. It’s a good feeling.


  1. That is great and exciting news for you, Mrs. Pie. I’m glad to hear it!

    Sorry to hear about some of your co-workers though. These transitions can be very difficult for those being let go, and the survivor guilt some feel when they weren’t let go. I hope you keep on keeping on, marching right toward FI!

    1. Thanks GS. The march will indeed continue! It will be hard at work, we’re a pretty close knit department and nothing quite this ‘surgical’ has happened before.

  2. That’s great news about you and an unfortunate side of layoffs for your colleagues. Although, licking your wounds with a nice new quilt made from “severance money” might not have been bad either.

    At least everything is back on your own terms for now and no major catastrophic changes to your plans have come about. 🙂

    1. Ha! I love the quilt, sounds cozy! You’re right, on our terms again. Now if we could just manage to arrange for both Mr. PIE And me to get laid off in, say, two years…….!

  3. Yay! I’m so glad you’re happy with this outcome, and also that you reached out for support from this community. I’ve experienced several of those ‘horrible weeks’ when the speculation and grief consumed my department. It’s very hard, and although most folks landed on their feet somehow, some lives were forever changed. A very good reminder to not get complacent about any particular job. And strong validation for those on a path some level of financial freedom. Congrats, and savor that good feeling of independence you and Mr. PIE have earned.

    1. Thanks so much! I really appreciate the support of this community. It’s so good to have access to so many opinions and ideas. I wonder if this will make others think more about how stable and comfortable their jobs are, and make plans for the future. I’d love to talk more will my colleagues about the benefits of FI, but that would blow my cover!

  4. I’m glad you’re happy with the outcome. Stinks to lose coworkers who I assume some of which became close friends as well over the years. I hope they find a new job quickly.

    1. Thanks, yes lots of friends. They will have access to lots of resources in job hunting. We have been told by our department head that part of our jobs going forward will be to support those who are leaving, and help them in any way we can. Resumes, presentations, networking. I fully intend to to everything I can to help.

  5. It sounds like it was a difficult week for the majority of your department. Knowing that you would have been OK if you were laid off may have helped some, but from all I have read from your blog – I’m sure it was still stressful and sad to watch co-workers lives being “transformed”. I hope you can rest this weekend!

    1. Thanks Vicki, knowing I would have been ok did leave me feeling a bit removed from the situation. The sadness of seeing co workers and friends affected was real though. Very restful weekend and thoughts of Monday being pushed far from my mind!

  6. Good for you! Not sure if this is the first round of layoffs in a while, but my experience has been that they tend to come in multiple rounds. Help your friends network into their next jobs and stay in touch with them in case the grim reaper comes calling again!

    1. This is the first time in about 10 years that our department has been significantly affected. If there are more to come I’ll be surprised if its within a years time but who knows? There is a next time I’ll be offering myself up for layoff!

  7. I’m glad you are happy with the results even though the transition will be hard for your department. Jobs are such fragile things.

  8. I think I would have been happy either way. Just more personal wounds to lick and replanning to do if I was laid off. I hope this Is a wake up call to some colleagues about the fragility of jobs. I’d love to preach FI a bit more, but that would give my game away!

  9. Congrats on making it through the layoffs! Unfortunately, something like this just shows how important it is to reach financial independence!

    1. Thanks, it is an unfortunate lesson that has the upside of making me feel even better about our plan for FI. That won’t make Monday morning any easier though ☹️

  10. Congratulations! Out of curiosity, do you know which department did get laid off?

    I agree completely. I am terrified of losing my job right now and I will have nothing if I am laid off. I’m so scared that I need to adjust and adapt to my situation, which is why I’m planning on saving over half my income and spending very little. I get criticized by my friends a lot for being so frugal but I would rather be criticized and feel safe than not be criticized and scared out of my mind what’s going to happen to me. Onwards and upwards!

    1. It wasn’t any one department. Many people were affected on a global scale.
      You are in a better place than many. You are aware of the fragility of relying on a paycheck for your wellbeing. Knowing that and having a plan for such great savings is a great start

  11. Hey Mrs PIE,

    Sorry to hear about all of the people that lost their jobs – hopefully they can find something quickly. I’m REALLY glad you didn’t lose yours – I think it’s for the best that you can stick it out with your high paying job for a year or 2 longer whilst you nail FI completely. I’m glad you feel good about it 🙂


  12. Thanks Tristan,
    It did work out for the best for us. It’s always better to be in control of the situation rather than having your hand forced. The next two years need to speed along now though! Hope all is well with you.

  13. Sorry, I’ve been out of the loop – but happy to hear that you can continue along your intended path 🙂 Also, won’t losing so many of your close friends at work make retirement a little bit easier?

    I would be facing a fairly urgent need to get a new job if something like this happened, but we’re moving in the right direction, to a place where it wouldn’t be such a big deal.

    1. Thanks! It’s certainly a timely reminder that being employed by a big corporation should be a non emotional connection. Sad really but that’s what ‘ employed at will’ means. I can choose to leave or they can choose that I leave!

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