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Welcome to Plan Invest Escape, we’re happy that you can join us!

We’re Mr. and Mrs. PIE. We retired in June 2018 aged 50 and 44, and we have two kids aged 11 and 9 (the small PIEs!)

We both worked for many years in the pharmaceutical Industry – yes, this is a two chemist family! We have nearly 50 years of combined corporate work years behind us.

On retiring we moved our family from the suburbs of Boston to the White Mountains of New Hampshire. We’re passionate about the outdoors, hiking, skiing, snow shoeing and everything else the mountains can throw at us. We’re also passionate about creating a more relaxed, simple family environment for our kids. We’re done with rushing to and from work, and juggling pick ups and drop offs. We want to find time to (re)discover and follow our passions, and allow the kids to do the same.

So how did we get here? Inheritance? Lottery win? How do we afford the retired life with two kids? What about health Insurance? What do the kids think of it all?

Hopefully many of the posts we have written will begin to answer these questions for you. In a nutshell, there was no inheritance or lottery win. We managed to retire early by staying out of debt and saving steadily over a number of years. Of course two well-paid jobs were a significant factor in our ability to get to where we are today. We have substantially funded two 529 plans for the kid’s futures; and we are continually working towards keeping within our planned budget by minimizing spend where possible, while remembering to spend intentionally on the things we are passionate about. Along with the rest of the country we are still figuring out health insurance. We wrote here about how we plan to use the Affordable Care Act insurance to our best advantage. As for what the kid’s think of it all….they are loving their new life in the mountains and our less hectic lifestyle. They are making new friends, and enjoying the novelty of signing up for after school activities that they previously would not have been able to do.

We have greatly benefited from the wisdom of so many other bloggers in the FIRE community over the years. See the Blogs We Love. We hope we can add to this community with a few different ingredients and flavors. If just one person can benefit from our story, then our mission is complete.

Enjoy reading.

Mr. and Mrs. PIE.


Disclaimer – the content of this blog is our own personal opinion and in no way should be taken as financial advice. Please consult with the appropriate financial, legal and tax experts to address your own specific needs. We are only responsible for our previous mistakes.