About Us

We are married (to each other), both work in the pharmaceutical industry and have two wonderful boys, aged 8 and 10.

Mr. PIE is 50 and Mrs. PIE is 44. We have lived and worked in the US getting on for 20 years. This is home.

We came to the USA together from Britain, bought a house, got married, worked, had two kids, built our respective careers, worked and then…..

……..in the words of the Talking Heads song – “My god, how did I get here?”

Our goal is to escape the rat race and move to our mountain retreat in July 2018.

The purpose of this blog is fairly simple. We aim to share our story in a fun and educational way – with the emphasis on helping those on a similar journey to learn from our experience. We did a few things well. We made mistakes. And we continue to learn every day. We’re also pretty late to the FIRE party. We fully committed to our plan only recently, after crunching the numbers over many glasses of wine.

Here’s a little introduction to the things Mr. and Mrs. PIE (Plan Invest Escape) love:

  • Skiing
  • Hiking
  • Travel (we love travel hacking, albeit arriving late to the party)
  • Home cooking and baking – Mrs. PIE is a whizz with baking and cake decorating
  • Restaurants (there will be a FULL post on that one itself)
  • Good wine (is there bad wine?) without breaking the bank
  • Single malts – occasionally breaking the bank…..
  • Hanging out with the small PIES

We have greatly benefited from the wisdom of so many other bloggers in the FIRE community. See the Blogs We Love. We hope we can add to this community with a few different ingredients and flavors. If just one person can benefit from our story, then our mission is complete.

Enjoy reading.

Mr. and Mrs. PIE.


Disclaimer – the content of this blog is our own personal opinion and in no way should be taken as financial advice. Please consult with the appropriate financial, legal and tax experts to address your own specific needs. We are only responsible for our previous mistakes.